Monday, May 6, 2013

Mish Monday: All my Peeps.

Hey yo.

Well, I'm back out of Utah County for the time being! Chillin' in St. Geezy with my mama. Today the weather in St. George was absolutely crazy! I'm talking hail the size of grapes, an inch of water on the ground, and my hair lookin' like a wet puppy's.

it's been great.

Anyway, today for Mish Monday I want to talk about my cute friends who are leaving on missions this Wednesday, as well as my friends who are already serving. How crazy is it that everyone is leaving, and so soon. I honestly can't wrap my brain around it. well, here are the deets on my missionary friends:

Name: Kacie Jones
Mission: Mississippi Jackson
Language: English
MTC arrival date: May 8th
Favorite movie to quote: She's the Man.

Name: Erin Olsen (my cous)
Mission: Lima Peru West
Language: Spanish
MTC arrival date: May 8th (originally May 22nd)
Best moment of her life: when we went through the temple together! (jk I don't actually know that)

Name: Maddy Lee
Mission: Cochabamba Bolivia
Language: Spanish
MTC arrival date: March 27th
Addiction: Diet Coke

(she's the tall one)

Name: Jake Peterson
Mission: Fiji Suva
Language: Fijian
MTC arrival date: January 23rd
Current life: Eating fish eyes and contracting parasites.

Name: Jeffrey Langford
Mission: North Carolina Raleigh
Language: English
MTC arrival date: June 20th 2012
Favorite sister: Kaitlyn Langford (also kidding... probably)

so those are the missionaries! can you believe I will be one of them in only a few weeks! omg what is my life!

thanks for reading. adios.


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  1. i love this post. your little tid-bits about their life killed me. #nowcomehomeandplaywithme