Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trend Tuesday: The Sailboat Days

happy tuesday!

as summer approaches (can you believe its almost here!) I have become extra obsessed with the nautical look. ok, I'm not going to lie... I'm always obsessed with the nautical look. its my thing. leave me alone.

anyway, here are some of my favorite nautical pieces as of late. check it out yo!


Classic sailboat t via  J Crew

Ugh. Its annoying how much I love this sweater from Forever 21

Loving this darling sailor top from ModCloth


 If I wasn't leaving on a mission in less than a month, I would have already bought these shorts like 14 times. #inlove So, please go buy them in my honor at the gap.

I just really like these J Crew shorts. ok?

These red twill pants go perfect with the nautical look! buy them at Forever 21


I am literally obsessed with this dress. Its so Taylor Swift - esque! ah what a gem! pick it up at ModCloth.

How darling is this dress from ModCloth? but seriously? 

Bring in the mint with this sailboat print dress from ModCloth

(Apparently ModCloth is the place to buy nautical dresses?)


I enjoy this J Crew belt. 

anchor earrings are basically a necessity for the nautical look. get these ones at ModCloth

Well, thanks for joining me on this nautical journey! 


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