Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Sunglasses, Sandals, St. Geezy.

now that school is out and I don't have to worry about those shenanigans, Wednesday may be my favorite day of the week.

reason 1: Wardrobe Wednesday... obvi.

reason 2: Psych, Modern Family, Survivor.

reason 3: Everyone is entering the MTC (love/hate relationship with this one)

reason 4: Because it can be.

so lets get WW rolling.

Today I wanted to show you what I wear when I'm chillin' in St. Geezy. Here is the typical look...

Top (TJmaxx) Jeans (American Eagle)  Shoes (Old Navy)  Watch (Target)  Sunglasses (Cotton On)

Sorry for the low quality pics... all we had was our iPhones.
Also, yes I'm wearing heels. yes this makes me like 6'3. deal with it. #tallgirlprobs 

well... its been real. imma get back to reading by the pool and mission shopping. 

stay classy peeps. 



  1. Girl, super excited to meet you in possibly 3 weeks. Also, its gonna be great if we're companions since I'm 5' 2". Anyway, have a great day, see ya soon! NY here we come!

  2. I love this!! You are so cute!! :)