Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday: Top 6 YouTube Vids You Have to Have Seen To Be My Friend.


As the title of the post expresses, today I wanted to show you the top six youtube videos you have to have seen to be my friend. like seriously. If you haven't seen these videos, our friendship will not last. If you care about me at all you will watch each of these videos and laugh until a baby tear drop rolls down your face. Watch because you care. 

6. Nature Walk

Overall, I don't LOVE this video, yet I quote it ALL THE TIME. I really can't explain why. My favorite lines are "G Dang it" and "you can tell its an aspen by the way that it is".  someone please help me stop using these phrases in casual conversation. people do not understand.

5. East/West College Bowl

This one was recently introduced to me, but I love it like a hostess cake. How can you not swoon over those names? And that one at the very end? Crazy!

4. Hip Hop Kids "Word! We are Straight Up Trapped in this Bear Cave Yo"

it is with great sadness that I have to only post a link to this, rather than just show the video. stupid SNL for not putting your videos on youtube. boo you. Anyway, click on the link. watch that sucker. mostly appreciate the line "What are the odds?" "That a bear would be in a bear cave? Like 100 percent!"

3. Zombie Kid Loves Basketball

Lewis Park?
Get this kid a medal, because he's won my heart. 

2. Canadian Border Patrol

all right byron... surprisingly, its just me.... at that point I'm running mostly on adrenaline... 

how can you not love these one liners? I could quote this for days. 

1. Boys Will Be Girls. 

This has to be my number one favorite youtube vid OF ALL TIME. Like for real. I quote it on a daily basis. If you haven't seen this, we literally cannot be friends. no joke. like, have you been living under a stupid rock or something?

Well, thats the list. watch them so our friendship can be reinstated. If you have any videos that should have made the list, comment below. I'll decide if I deem them worthy :)



    sorry I just got really excited. it doesn't ever receive the recognition it deserves, but its so dang funny and quotable. Well Byron... hahaha I cry every time. and don't worry, by the end of tomorrow I will have watched all these videos (: (I only have to watch 2, ps. so I'm like totally your friend still). Love you bye.

  2. Um...kay.
    Best blog post ever.
    I miss you.
    "Lewis park? The one by my house? I go there and I swing!"

    K bye.