Monday, May 20, 2013

Mish Monday: The Farewell.

Well guys, the farewell is over.

can you believe this? I leave in fracking nine days! WHAT?!?!

Anyway, it was really quite surreal. It was a double farewell so there were more people there than I could ever has anticipated... talk about intimidating! But I feel like it went really well. I was so glad I could have the spirit with me and that my talk could really touch the hearts of the people who came. It was amazing.

if you missed my farewell, you can read my talk here! how fun is that?

Anyway, of course we had an after party. which was a blast. check out the pics yo.

My mom and I, pre-terrifying talk.

Just look at this cake. hello awesome.

sisers, aunt, cousins, mom. 

we so cute. 

My Aunt Wendy and I.

The BFF's aka Carly Davis and Katy Bready. 

oh wait, now we actually look cute... whaaaaat!

me and my long lost BFF Jess. 

Abrea and Chelsea. I would like to point out that they are both wearing heels and I am barefoot. #kthanksbye

of course a super awkward photo featuring me and jess. 

All my best girls who came out to support me! You ladies are the best!

Well, I suppose that is all. It was a great day, although I must say I am so happy it is over! now just nine days until the MTC!


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