Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Trend Tuesday: Cheetah Girl

Ah! Hey there!

So like, this may be the last Trend Tuesday for like... 18 months. so you better enjoy it.

I felt like I should probably focus today on my absolute favorite trend of late. Which is...

..... drumroll..... alright, ok..... alright ok......................



ok. So like I really really love cheetah print. lets check out my favorite ways to incorporate this super chill print into your life.

Here are the cheetah print pieces that are absolutely essential to your well-being. 

1. Loafers. I got mine at the gap and I basically wear them everyday. Love those shoes to pieces. Get your own here

2. Belt. So versatile. this belt seriously has potential to be worn with everything. buy it here.

3. Scarf. yes. just yes. get it here yo!

well those are the essentials. but seriously, any cheetah accessory I will always say yes to. 

Now watch this video... cuz... we're cheetah girls, cheetah sistas! Although, I will have to advise against the cheetah velour track suits. 


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