Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trend Tuesday: We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

Well hello!
Welcome to the first ever Trend Tuesday. As I was trying to figure out which trend I wanted to talk about, I stumbled upon one of the most classic, versatile and lovely pieces I own...

The classic navy gingham button up!
I am in love with this top. It is such a darling piece that can be paired with so many different things!  Its in neutral colors, so you can mix and match this baby with just about anything! This isn't a joke. Now before you get flash backs to Dorthy, let me show you how its done.

I personally love to rock this look with a ribbon tied around my neck! I talked about this look in my mission wardrobe post, but I thought I would illustrate it for you. I love this, because you can pair it with virtually any ribbon.

One of my personal favorite ways to do the gingham is under a sweater, with a chunky necklace. I know its beginning to be too warm for this look, but with a light weight sweater we can keep this going for at least a little longer!

It also looks fabulous when used for layering.

And then of course, tucked into a springy skirt!

Seriously. I hope I have convinced you to go out and buy your self a sweet gingham shirt. Not to mention you can find them for fairly cheap! let me give you some links...
           Forever21   Gap    JCrew   Target    American Apparel   
Of course these are just a few, I swear you can find them everywhere!

Anyway, thats all for this trend! Keep rockin' the gingham!


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