Monday, March 18, 2013

The Monday Blues

happy monday my dears!

I know. Its actually impossible to make it through the day knowing that there isn't a new Bachelor on tonight. It was a real struggle to drag my tired butt to my 9 am class this morning. But hey! It ended up being a fairly nice day!

Holla! So anyway, I realize I am new to this whole blogging thing, so I have decided to set up a blogging schedule, so you can expect what you will see each day on the blog!

Monday - Mish Monday
 (I will show you fun missionary outfits/ talk about my up coming mission!)
Tuesday - Trend Tuesday
  (I will talk about my favorite current fashion trends and where you can get them!)
Wednesday - Wardrobe Wednesday
  (Wednesday equals me showing you what I like to wear!)
Thursday - Thoughts for Thursday
  (I will just write whatever the heck pops into my mind)
Friday - Fab Five Friday
  (On Fridays I will tell you about my five most fabulous moments of the week!)

The weekends will just sort of be whatever I am feeling! So that is what you can expect via Langford-esque.

Keep your eyes peeled because I'm starting this schedule later today with Mish Monday! So basically you should be super excited for what is to come!


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