Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday: 10 Things That Keep me Goin'

You. guys.
Its freaking Thursday. Which obviously means tomorrow is Friday. Which means hello weekend!


I'm not even going to lie, I'm in love with the weekend.

Anyway, today for Thoughts for Thursday I want tell you about 10 quirky things that really make me happy. Lets be real, its the small things that keep me going.

Here's the list:

1. Jennifer Lawrence. I'm being serious right now. Whenever I see a meme with her, or watch a video, my life is instantly better. So, like, watch this montage of her so you can fully grasp my love. #girlcrush

2. You know like when you get a new tube of chapstick? And the first time you use it is heaven? Ya. I live for that first use of new chapstick.

3. Hearing from missionaries. I have three missionaries out (I'm sorry, can we talk about how annoying it is when someone says that a missionary is "THEIR missionary"? I'm like thats weird I didn't know that when you left on a mission people could claim you as their own...) and I get super excited when i get a letter or email. Its so nice to hear from my best friends!

4. Snapchats. Whenever I see I have a sweet new snapchat I get real excited. Everyone should snap chat.

5. Singing. Here's the deal. I'm terrible at singing. Like its really not good. But you know I'm really happy when I am singing! My ideal moments in life are when I am driving around with the windows down and belting out Taylor Swift. Also, my roommate and I communicate through song. Its cute really.

PS. I didn't know what pic to put here so I went with this cat. mozel tov.

6. Juicy pens. Have you ever started writing with a pen and it just flows? That's my heaven. Man I love juicy pens!

7. Harry Potter references. Whenever someone references Harry Potter in a casual conversation I fall in love with them.

8. This video. I'm sorry its just too good! Jimmy Fallon kills it.

9. Diet Coke. If there is anything that can get me through a hard day its a large Diet Coke. My best friend (who is now on the mish) got me addicted. In her words "Anything can be fixed with a large Diet Coke and an aspirin" #DC4lyfe

10.  This picture. It honestly keeps me going guys.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.


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