Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday: Ten Things I'm Obsessed With

Oh. You want to know ten things I'm obsessed with? Cool. Because I actually really wanted to tell you.

1. Cadbury Mini Eggs. Need I say more? If there is one thing that is my absolute weakness it is these sweet little morsels of heaven. If you have never eaten a Cadbury Mini Egg I am actually crying for you. Please go buy three bags now. #kthanksbye

2. Psych. Like not even the new seasons since USA hates me and won't post the new episodes ANYWHERE. So ya, just re-livin' the past seasons. You know thats right.

3. Online shopping. Is there any delight more satisfying that receiving a package? I believe the answer is no. But seriously, someone needs to block Modcloth from my computer.

4. This nail polish. Remember when I posted the colors for this spring? Well this was the color that caught my eye! I instantly went out and bought nail polish to match! I have been rockin' the "tender shoots" color for the past little while and I'm lovin' it.

5. The word holla. Which I find the spelling of to be particularly stupid. At first glance it looks like you misspelled and misused the spanish world "hola" then you understand that really, I was just trying to be thug. Holla back atcha boi.

6. Reading "The Help". Ok... well I actually finished this about a week ago, but I'm still obsessed. Also when I say "reading" I really mean "listened to it on the audible app as I got ready for school" but I mean... whatever.

7. My cheetah print loafers. They murder my feet but I feel like its worth it. I'm in love with these cheetah girls even if they make my feet bleed and cry. CHEETAH POWER!

8. Spring time. Hey remember when it was all warm and springy? Remember how I was super happy about it and thought about busting out the shorts? Ya. Lets get that going again. I would like reeeeeeaaaaally appreciate it! (Say hi to this bunny... cuz like... obviously bunnies represent spring...)

9. Trail mix. Always trail mix. Please don't ask me why, but I could live off a massive bag of trail mix and be perfectly happy with my life. Its like a taste of heaven in a clever mix of nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit. mmmmmmmm trail mix

10. THIS BLOG! Seriously it's embarrassing how much I love writing on this blog. It's like all I think/talk about. I may need a detox..... meh.

Well thats all for Thoughts for Thursday!

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  1. I've read this post 3 times.
    Call me crazy.
    I just love it and it makes me giggle.
    Thanks for the shout out, you da best patty-kait.