Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trend Tuesday: The Vintage Swimwear

Today I want to start with a little reminder of last weeks episode of New Girl

Unfortunately, blogger hates me and wouldn't let me upload the video... BOO FOR BLOGGER! But I got this sweet meme! If you would still like to watch the video click on this link. So you may be wondering how this ties in... well today we are talking about VINTAGE SWIMWEAR! And so like.. when you swim... there are fish...


If there is one thing I become obsessed with this time of year its swimsuits. As soon as I get even a glimpse of warmth I start swimsuit shopping. Its a problem really. Since this year I can't actually buy a swimsuit (it would be counter productive seeing as I'm leaving for my mission in May) I am choosing to pass on all of my swimsuit knowledge to you!

The biggest trend in swimwear right now is the vintage look! Which is awesome for mormon girls because it means MODEST! holla!

My favorite vintage swimsuits and where to find them...

Urban Outfitters

Top Shop


So anyway, those are my favorite! I suggest you jump on these cutie vintage suits before they're gone! Enjoy the water... but avoid those fish. They clearly cannot be trusted!


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