Friday, March 29, 2013

Fab Five Friday: Spring is in the Air

It's Friday ya'll! That means we get to have fun recapping my week! ah yeah! So folks, here are the top five moments...

I got to see my best friend leave for her mission. It's bittersweet really! I am so proud of her, and her decision to serve the people of Bolivia, but its hard to see her go! She hasn't even been gone a week and I already miss her face!

Last Sunday we celebrated Easter with the Langford side of the family. I mean, when this family gets together it is always a bundle of fun. Gotta love the Langford Clan and all their shenanigans.

(It's an old picture, but I feel it illustrates my point)

I went and say my former high school's production of Les Mis with my aunt, sister, and mom. And let me tell you, it was fantastic! The Peak really crushed it!

I realize I talk about this a lot, but seriously getting letters from missionaries is always the highlight of my week. Check out this cool pic of my dear friend Jake who is serving in Fiji right now! I mean, come on! How could you not love receiving that?

Just enjoying the weather right now, because its phenomenal! I really love Spring days (in case you didn't catch that already) and I need them to keep rollin'!

(Yes I stole this picture from Google... I mean, we aren't quite there yet, but I feel hopeful that campus will soon look like this again!)

Well, thats all for today folks! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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